Our Raclette is a Social Fun meal best enjoyed with friends and family.

Start with Authentic Raclette Cheese from Switzerland. Melt it on the grill at your table. Cook up some Bacon on the Hot Rock and add it all to your potatoes.

Add portions of various meats and seafood to make it a dining experience you will not forget.

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Choose from Authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue or Fondue Chinoise!

Fondue Chinoise is a beef broth served at your table which includes your choice of 2 meats or seafood from the Raclette Menu for dipping.

Being another Fun Social meal. Make this experience delightful and tasty!


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Think Raclette and Fondue are fun.

Try our Breakfast Fondue - A mix of cream Cheese, Maple Syrup and Peaches. Then dip a selection of Fruit and Mini Waffles in this sweet cheese Fondue!

Breakfast Raclette is a satisfying and fun meal as well. Pancakes, eggs, Bacon and more can all be prepared right at the table on the Hot Rock.

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Get your Gift Card

Our gift cards are available online or in store. Give one to a friend or invite them for a meal. Our Chocolate Heart Fondue make a perfect dessert on date night!

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